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Orlando is one of America’s most touristy cities that is home to dozens of breathtaking amusement parks including Walt Disney World and the Universal Orlando Resort. Ranked as the 4th most sought after city to live in America, Orlando offers temperate climate, fantastic food, excellent infrastructure and no lack of entertainment.

Residential and commercial roofing structures are built to withstands natures elements; however, hailstorms, thunderstorms, and hurricanes are all too frequent in Florida and can cause significant structural damage to your roof. The residents of Orlando and surrounding counties are all too familiar with the devastating impacts of gale force winds and extreme rainfall resulting in massive flooding.

Living in Orlando your roofing structure not only has to deal with extreme weather but also with humid and harsh summers. Fortified Roofing is the leading roofing contractor in Orlando offering all kinds of roof-related services including roof repair, roof installation, roof replacement, and roof inspection. Our mission is to ensure that your residential or commercial roof is as safe and secure as possible and able to withstand the worst of Orlando’s weather, especially during the summer months.

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How Much Does Roofing Cost in Orlando?

When it comes to roofing costs and estimates it is crucial to understand that the magnitude of each roofing job is different and thus estimates are likely to vary from one Orlando roofing company to another. The national average for new roof installations in the U.S. is around $7,500. This figure is roughly the estimate for most typical residential roof installations in Orlando.

Replacing your roof by roofers in Orlando is likely to cost a bit more as roof replacement requires additional time and hard labor. With so many Orlando roofing companies out there it is always a good idea to ask estimates from at least two or more roofing contractors to get an idea of the differences in solutions and costs proposed. In some instances, roofing specialist can develop solutions where a complete replacement may not be needed, and a simple repair would suffice saving customers a lot of money and time.

When it comes to estimates and costs, we at Fortified Roofing understand that each customer’s budget and needs are different. Our roofing specialists are well-experienced and highly trained and offer solutions that not only work but also fit within the desired budgets of our clients. Call Fortified Roofing today and speak to one of our roofing experts for a free inspection and or estimate!

Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement

Roof replacement in Orlando is often required due to damage from severe storms or long-term wear and tear. However, even though your roof may be old and damaged it doesn’t have to be necessarily replaced. Fortified Roofing works with Orlando roofers that are highly skilled and able to pull off repair jobs that look like complete roof replacements.

If the structure of your roof is still secure and stable, it is possible to make repairs in areas that require attention. Damaged shingles, cracks, and missing intersection points, for example, are easy to repair and can dramatically extend the life of your roof without costing an arm and a leg. Even damage caused by extreme weather can be repaired through solutions like partial replacement. This is why it is highly recommended to ask the professionals for advice when it comes to roof repair or replacement.

At Fortified Roofing we always have our customer’s best interest at heart when it comes to offering roofing solutions. If a roofing structure can be repaired our roofing specialist will be the first to let you know. Honesty, trust, hard work and good ethics are the core foundations of Fortified Roofing, and we instill these values in every job that we take on making us the ultimate roofing contractors in Orlando.

The extent of damage to your roof must also be considered. Sometimes the roof may only be damaged on one side with the other being okay. In that case, work on the damaged side while ensuring you also check the right side for any underlying issues.

Different roofing materials have different lifespans. They also offer various services regarding safety and duration. Your budget will also be useful in determining the atheistic quality that is good for you. Poor quality roofs should be replaced immediately, and high-quality roofing materials may only need some slight repair for better durability.

The history of the roofing of that house is also essential. If the previous owner had not repaired or replaced the roof after a long time, it would be advisable to carry out a full inspection before making a decision.

What To Expect From A Free Roofing Inspection and Estimate?

Performing a roof inspection on your own is a whole lot different from that of a professional. At Fortified Roofing we take the matter of roofing inspections extremely seriously as your residential or commercial roofing structure is the first form of defense against weather, climate, and debris.

A roofing inspection conducted by one of our professional and highly skilled inspectors involves a 3-step process that analyzes all the different aspects of your properties roofing from the inside out. A checklist is provided to each of our inspectors who begin the process by an interior observation. Here the inspector checks the interior walls, ceilings, windows, vents, and chimneys for any dark spots, peeling paint, cracks or mold growth. This is followed by an exterior observation where the outer walls and entire roof including the vents and the chimneys are inspected for leaks, shingle damage, and broken intersection points. The inspector then checks on all the gutters running alongside the roof for signs of debris-buildup, clogging and general wear and tear. This thorough inspection helps provide a much more detailed status of the current situation of your residential or commercial roofing.

Conducting a roof inspection every year, especially after the summer season in Orlando, is essential to a safe and long-lasting roof. Routine inspections help in identifying problems that if overlooked could lead to significant structural damage and expensive replacement.

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